Although working with emails generally is a hassle–free activity, handling the email accounts for a web site could be a laborious procedure. If you do not possess a time and effort saving interface, just like the Email Account Manager so you’ll be able to get the job done. It has an abundance of incorporated advantageous software tools that will help you complete sophisticated jobs in just a few clicks of your computer mouse. Look into what our own Email Account Manager will do for YOU!

Anti–Spam Protection

Spam will be driven out of your respective email accounts

We’ve launched a customizable anti–spam tool which utilizes expertly configured methods to narrow the arriving messages. Depending on what type of spam messages you get, it’s possible to regulate the levels of defense. Having said that, be mindful when using the top level of protection, because it could filter out important messages. Also you can select a different degree of spam defense for every single mailbox you’ve got.

All of the junk messages can be either erased or sent to a given mailbox. It’s possible to decide which configuration you want from the anti–spam protection tool’s software.

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Email Forwarding

Route emails with a click

Email forwarding is probably the more employed instruments in the Email Account Manager that’s why we have tried our best to really make it as elementary as possible. All you should complete is simply opt for the email account which you want to use and designate the mailbox where you want the inbound messages to be sent to.

In addition, you can select should the forwarded mailbox also needs to maintain the emails, or if they have to be wiped after they are forwarded.

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Email Filters

Make custom spam filters without any difficulty

Email filters are really a tool you can actually use. They work in a very simple manner according to keywords and phrases. All you need to complete is just designate the keywords that you want the filter to use and exactly which part of the email all these key terms need to be located in just like subject line, message body, footer, etcetera.

Another way you can employ e–mail filters will be to redirect all of the junk email messages to a particular directory. Then you could likewise designate if you’d like the filtered messages to be kept in the folder (which means you can see if some message is sent there in error), it has to be erased.

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Email Protection

DomainKeys together with SPF protection for your personal email address

We’ve taken measures to further guard all your e–mail accounts from junk mail activities. When using the SPF (Sender Policy Framework) protection solution it is possible to designate the servers which are certified to transmit mail regarding your site. This way, e–mails looking like they’re from your site that did not originated from your allowed set of hosts will be automatically thrown to the spam folder.

We’ve at the same time enabled DomainKeys for the email accounts within your web site hosting account. DomainKeys is an email authentication system that establishes the legitimateness of the e–mail message by verifying the mail hosting server of the sender plus the message integrity.

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Email Auto–Configure Option

Configure a mailbox on your personal computer in a click of the mouse

If you log into e–mail on your notebook or PC, it is likely that you make use of an email client. To save you the challenges of having to manually add each next e–mail address in your mail client, we have added clever ’auto–configure’ files. Just download the file and open it with your mail application – this will quickly create your inbox within your preferred desktop client.

We have got auto–configure files for: Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook as well as Outlook Express.

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Look at your mailbox from anywhere

Applying webmail, it is possible to check your email messages from any laptop or desktop, around the globe. Everything is completed by a web browser, and there is no need to have any kind of mail client configured within your system. Just use the URL that we have provided you with to log into your mailbox through various Internet–connected device.

Also you can log into your email account with a mouse–click through the Webmail area of your Website Control Panel. All you need to do is pick a mailbox and then click on the webmail client icon to get into it. There’s no need to provide any kind of e–mail login credentials.

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