Semi-dedicated hosting features

In regards to raw server power, Linux semi-dedicated hosting are very much like dedicated servers. With a semi–dedicated server, you are in fact sharing a very powerful physical server with just several other clients. In this way, you get access to more or less the same amount of system resources you would get with a dedicated server, but at a lower price, along with the opportunity to manage them just like you manage a regular web hosting account.

You will not obtain root access to your semi–dedicated server and will not have the opportunity to choose a Control Panel or a server Operating System, but you’ll take advantage of AnyPursuit’s advanced shared hosting platform offering a superb stability.

A shared hosting platform

Our Linux semi-dedicated hosting are based on our in–house developed cloud hosting platform. This goes to say that you will enjoy a superb service reliability regardless of the fact that you will share the physical server with a few other users.

The shared hosting platform also permits you to quickly switch from a shared plan to a semi–dedicated server. Our technicians will take care of the transfer for you. Absolutely nothing is required on your part. Also, you’ll be able to easily switch between the different semi–dedicated server packages.

Another important advantage of our cloud hosting platform is that your server will come bundled with our Hepsia Control Panel and all the no–cost website setup tools associated with it, including a Cost Free Website Builder and a Web Applications.

Point & click Website Control Panel

A semi–dedicated server is less difficult to manage than a dedicated server owing to the shared hosting platform it is based on and the Website Control Panel it comes bundled with.

AnyPursuit’s custom–developed web hosting Control Panel is designed to live in the cloud. This is why, it works very fast and offers a remarkably intuitive user interface where modifying file permissions or creating an instance of Varnish is a breeze. The Control Panel also offers seamless navigation, so you can swiftly move from one section to another and easily find your way around.

On top of that, you do not need to be worried about server administration tasks. We’ll keep track of the server 24x7 and will implement all the necessary maintenance procedures for you. Thus, you can concentrate solely on your websites.

An abundance of zero cost add–ons

The custom–created hosting Control Panel coming with each and every semi–dedicated server by default, features a variety of free–of–charge tools and bonuses for creating and popularizing your websites with a simple click of the mouse.

With the one–click Web Applications and the automated Website Installer Tool, you can start your new weblog, Internet forum or online image gallery instantly. With the included Website Optimization Resources, you can create a brand–new site map or embed RSS feeds into your site. Using in–depth web analytics statistics, you can monitor your site’s online performance 24x7x365.

And with a selection of Web Accelerators like Memcached and Varnish, you can increase the speed of your traffic–intensive websites and make them obtain higher search engine rankings.

Guaranteed stability

Aside from superior performance, Linux semi-dedicated hosting also ensure better protection for your web sites.

On AnyPursuit’s custom shared hosting platform, your server will be running software that’s based on a security–enhanced version of the already really secure Linux OS. We have tweaked the server OS even further to make it work better with the server’s hardware architecture and to decrease the probability of running into prospective problems.

The Linux semi-dedicated hosting can be found in any one of AnyPursuit’s extremely secure data centers. There, they will be protected by several anti–DoS tools.